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Michigan Party Chair: Dems need to prove we're the party of working people, not corporations

Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, Brandon Dillon
Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, Brandon Dillon
Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, Brandon Dillon
Credit MichiganDems.com
Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, Brandon Dillon

Our conversation with Brandon Dillon, the Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party

There is no way to sugar-coat the results of the November election if you're a Democrat. It was a disaster, anyway you cut it.

How do Democrats regroup, re-calibrate and rebuild?

That's the job of the Chairman of Michigan's Democratic Party Brandon Dillon and he joined Stateside to talk about it.

Dillon was recently quoted as saying, "We've lost governorships and state legislatures at a rate that is pretty astounding."

Dillon said the Democratic Party "needs to get back to what it did back when Howard Dean was chair, frankly, with the 50-state strategy and investing in state parties." 

The Chairman also talked about the importance of the upcoming 2018 Election which is even more important because the party in power will control redistricting in 2020.

"To say it's critically important that Democrats win the governor's office in 2018, I think, would be an understatement," said Dillon.

"We are going to do everything possible to make sure we have a Democratic governor sworn in in January of 2019 to not only make sure we have a strong role in redistricting, but that we have the ability to start moving a more positive agenda for our schools, to make sure we have tax fairness and not rigging the system in favor of corporations at the expense of seniors and others who have seen their expenses rise while the services and the value they're getting from government decline precipitously."

Listen to the full interview above to hear more about why the Democrats lost so badly in 2016, how Michigan could be a "tier one" battleground state in future elections, and why Dillon think she should be re-elected as party chair. 

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