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5 things to watch for on Election Day in Michigan

Steve Carmody
Michigan Radio

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio
Michigan Radio

There will be a lot to keep an eye on tomorrow, so our It’s Just Politics team of Zoe Clark and RickPlutaare breaking down for us the five things to look for on Election Day.

1. How well Gov. Rick Snyder does in Detroit. Pluta equates the election, in part, to a referendum on the governor's Detroit rescue plan, the bankruptcy, and the path forward. Gov. Snyder is not expected to win in Detroit, which is heavily Democratic.

2. Who turns out to vote. Democrats have been pushing to increase voter turnout among registered Democrats. Clark says Democrats don’t traditionally turn out for midterm elections, and Democratic candidates in the state suffer for it.

3. Michigan 6th Congressional District. Did the Mayday PAC see something no one else did? They’ve recently dumped millions of dollars trying to oust Rep. Fred Upton, R-Michigan. The Mayday PAC is focused on campaign finance reform.

4. Can Kerry Bentivolio, a write-in candidate, siphon off enough Republican votes to lead to an upset against David Trott, the Republican candidate in the 11th Congressional District? Trott made his fortune in the foreclosure business and has been the target of a teardown campaign as a result.

5. Will Democrats pick up seats in the State House of Representatives? Can the Democrats pull an upset and take a majority in the State House? While this is not seen as realistic, it is possible on paper. 

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