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Ten candidates face off for TCAPS board

The Board of Education for Traverse Area Public Schools could look very different in January. Five of its seven seats are up for grabs.

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The Gregorian Schola is a special division of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome. Its students are dedicated to the study and preservation of Gregorian chant.

Members of the Gregorian Schola recently visited Northern Michigan and presented concerts of chant from medieval manuscripts.

Friday at 8 p.m., Classical IPR presents a concert they gave at the Cross in the Woods Shrine in Indian River. 

Composer David Maslanka passed away in August 2017. The University of Utah Wind Ensemble has just released its fourth volume of Maslanka's music.

The album includes two pieces that Maslanka completed in 2016. The third piece, his Symphony no. 10 "The River of Time," was left unfinished at the time of his death.

Welcome to day two of POP! GOES THE CLASSICAL Week. We’re just getting started in our exploration of musicians who live in both the traditional classical music world and the world of modern music.

Sybarite5 is our featured ensemble today. They are a string quintet who play traditional classical, modern classical, and reinvent modern pop music for their ensemble. Sometimes they even weave traditional classical music in their modern pop reinventions!

The word "sybarite" means a person devoted to luxury or pleasure. Sybarite5 says they purposefully choose music that they will enjoy playing the first - and thousandth! - time they perform it.

Today, we'll hear their version of "No Surprises" by the rock group Radiohead. Sybarite5 enjoyed the music of Radiohead so much, they made a whole album of their music, "Everything in its Right Place."

KC 221
"No Surprises"

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Today on Stateside, why the auto industry is breathing "a sigh of relief" after President Trump announced the trilateral trade deal that will replace NAFTA. Plus, an Oscoda resident shares his experience of being affected by PFAS contamination, kicking off Michigan Radio's week-long series on contamination by the chemicals across the state.    

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As it stands now federal and state laws say you can’t bring a weapon into what’s called a “sterile area” at an airport. But the definition of a sterile area that the state used was removed in 2001.


This created a loophole where people could bring weapons into airports with little consequence.


Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, says his bill will define a sterile area as any place behind a government check point.  


This Saturday at 1 p.m., Classical IPR presents a recent production of Jake Heggie's "Moby-Dick" from LA Opera.

The production stars Jay Hunter Morris as Captain Ahab, Joshua Guerrero as Greenhorn, Morgan Smith as Starbuck and Musa Ngqungwana as Queequeg. James Conlon conducts.

The opera is sung in English.

The magic of October 4 in the History of Astronomy

Oct 1, 2018

Every once in awhile there’s a particular line up that allows for a convergence of things historic and astronomic, and here’s how it happens this first week of October, 2018:


A wolf that was part of a plan to repopulate Isle Royale National Park died last week. The wolf died in a holding facility during the transportation process.

New wolves are being introduced to the island as part of a long-term plan to balance the island’s ecosystem. Moose populations on the island have been on the rise as the wolf population has dwindled to just two, and moose are overbrowsing the island. Park officials plan to introduce 20 to 30 wolves in the next few years to help keep the moose population in check.


The 2018 midterm elections are just a few weeks away and money is pouring in to the campaigns of candidates across northern Michigan.


Craig Mauger is the executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. He says a lot of candidates rely on Political Action Committees, or PACs, that get donations from special interest groups or businesses.


Happy Monday, Kids Commuters! Welcome to POP! GOES THE CLASSICAL Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio. This week, we have fun discovering musical ensembles that have traditional classical training and apply it to music that is popular today.

Vitamin String Quartet is non-traditional string quartet. It’s actually run by a record company that uses lots of different artists, producers, and arrangers to create the music. The quartet started in 1999 making tribute albums. These albums were successful enough that Vitamin Records decided to make the Vitamin String Quartet official. They are still producing music and performing all over the place.

Today, we'll hear the VSQ perform "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

KC 220
"Uptown Funk"
Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars
Vitamin String Quartet

Here's today's Kids Commute:



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