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Ambient horror soundscapes, jazzy jump scares, and everything in between!

This week features spooky scary music, ranging from ambient horror soundscapes to jazzy jump scares, and everything in between!

We’ll hear themes from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Luigi’s Mansion, and much more.

Generous support for the music heard on this program comes from the Robert T. and Ruth Haidt Hughes Memorial Acquisitions Fund. Special thanks to Michael Culler for engineering assistance. Amanda Sewell is IPR's Music Director. Keith Brown is GAMEPLAY’s host and executive producer.

To hear the full episode, click the link above! Here's the playlist:

Ayako Mori, arr. Thomas Kresge - Graveyard, Forest, and Ice Palace (Ghosts ‘n Goblins) - The Game Brass

Masami Ueda, arr. Kazunori Miyake - The Beginning of the Story (Resident Evil 2) - New Japan Philharmonic

Kazumi Totaka, arr. Charlie Rosen - Luigi’s Mansion Theme (Luigi’s Mansion) - The 8-Bit Big Band

Jasmine Cooper - Swamp (The Amber Throne) - original soundtrack

Akira Yamaoka - Null Moon (Silent Hill 2) - original soundtrack

Akira Yamaoka - Black Fairy (Silent Hill 2) - original soundtrack

Yoko Shimomura, arr. Joe Chen, PurpleSchala - Parasite Eve Main Theme (Parasite Eve) - Joe Chen, viola; PurpleSchala, piano

Yuka Kitamura - Main Theme (Dark Souls III) - Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

Yuka Kitamura - Prologue (Dark Souls III) - Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

Motoi Sakuraba - Aldritch, Devourer of Gods (Dark Souls III) - Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

Junichi Masuda, arr. Trevor Alan Gomes - Lavender Town (Pokemon Red/Blue) - Trevor Alan Gomes, piano

Chase Bethea - Right of Passage 3rd Floor - Unwelcomed (I Can’t Escape: Darkness) - original soundtrack

Chase Bethea - Discovery (I Can’t Escape: Darkness) - original soundtrack

Hiroshige Tonomura, arr. Thomas Kresge - Transylvania (DuckTales) - The Game Brass

Keith Brown is the host of Matinee Classics and the host and producer of GAMEPLAY.