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Why one Grosse Pointe family moved from suburbia to Amish country

Our conversation with Jeff Smith and Bill Moser.

Faith is a very personal thing.

For some people, finding a faith that brings their lives meaning takes time and a whole lot of searching.

Bill Moser's family undertook such a journey, and eventually joined the Amish community in their search for a life that reflected their faith. Their story is told in a new book called Becoming Amish.

Moser and author Jeff Smith joined us today on Stateside to talk about the book, how the Moser family transitioned from everyday America to Amish country, and what modern families could learn from the Amish lifestyle. 


Jeff Smith is a journalist and editor who has written extensively about the environment, outdoors and lifestyle during the course of his 30-plus year career. He currently edits Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

Bill Moser's family joined the Amish community in their search for a religion that would enrich their lives.

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Courtesy of Jeff Smith /
Courtesy of Jeff Smith /

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