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Crystal Lake: Remembering The Man Who Pulled The Plug

By Bob Allen

This is the story of how one of northern Michigan's premier inland lakes came to be what it is today.

It was the early 1870s, and travel was still predominantly by water. A farmer and bootstrap engineer from Illinois, by way of New York State, proposed to build a canal between Crystal Lake and Lake Michigan. That would open the interior of Benzie County to logging and settlement. But the elements didn't cooperate with Archibald Jones.

Environmental Engineer Stacy Daniels, a native of Frankfort and a long time resident on the Lake, has delved deeply into the Archibald Jones story. Archibald is known today as the man who pulled the plug on Crystal Lake.

Daniels presents the Tragedy & Comedy of Crystal Lake: The Role of Archibald Jones Thursday evening at the Mills Community House in Benzonia at 7:00 pm. He'll also give a talk as part of Archibald Jones Day in the Village of Beulah on Saturday, August 28th.

Listen to the audio above for his chat with IPR's Bob Allen.