Macomb County’s Candice Miller says DEQ’s Nestle decision “cannot be allowed to stand”

Apr 6, 2018
Originally published on April 6, 2018 9:40 am

Now that the state has approved a permit for Nestle to remove more water from its Osceola County well, opposition is growing.

Among the critics: Macomb County Public Works Commissioner and former Republican congresswoman Candice Miller.

Miller joined Stateside to discuss her opposition to DEQ’s decision, her hope for a strong citizen response, and the duty of the state and its elected officials to protect the Great Lakes.

Listen above.

Through a spokesman, Nestle representatives declined our interview request, saying they are still reviewing the permit. 

In response to Miller's call for action by Governor Snyder, his spokesman Ari Adler said the following:

"The permitting authority is granted solely to the DEQ per state law, as is the process they followed to make their determination. So the Governor cannot reverse the decision." 


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