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Congress agrees to fund new Soo lock

The Soo is one step closer to getting a new lock. The Senate authorized nearly $922.4 million in funding for the project Wednesday.

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There’s a rare treat on the horizon this week when the planet Uranus makes its closest approach to Earth. This occurs simultaneous to its opposition with the Sun, and it means conditions are just right for catching a glimpse of the elusive planet with the naked eye. 

KC 230: Monster Week! "King Kong March" Interlochen Public Radio - classical music for kids!
Movie poster, 1933

Happy Monday, Kids Commuters, and welcome to MONSTER Week! This week, we'll hear music for monsters from movies to myths.

This week's theme is in honor of our first-ever Kids Commute Live! concert, coming up Saturday, October 20th. Join us for a fun, eerie, informative concert with the Interlochen Arts Academy Band, with lots of extra special Interlochen guests.  Our finale will be an interactive performance of Eric Whitacre's "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas." Tune in all week for a chance to win tickets to the concert.  Winning kids are invited to a pre-concert party at Interlochen Public Radio!

Today, we'll hear some of German composer Max Steiner's score for the 1933 movie "King Kong." A giant gorilla has his big opening night on Broadway, and it doesn't go so well.

KC 230
"King Kong March"
Max Steiner
Reconstructed by John Morgan
William Stromberg/Moscow Symphony Orchestra

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Vijay Gupta's life work has been to make music accessible to all.

That passion caught the attention of others and earlier this month the Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist was awarded a 2018 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship — also known as the genius grant.

Aaron Selbig

The candidates for the 101st state house district met at the annual Cherry Pie Debates in Glen Arbor Thursday night. Democrat Kathy Wiejaczka and Republican Jack O’Malley are running for the seat.

The candidates disagreed on Proposal 1, a ballot measure that would legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan. O’Malley said he’s against Prop 1 because the ballot language is flawed, and the law would be difficult to change in the future.

This week Classical IPR brings you a concert by the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Libor Ondras. It's a program they performed this summer at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts.

Dylana Jenson and David Lockington appear with the orchestra to perform the Concerto for Violin and Cello by Johannes Brahms. The concert also includes familiar works by Smetana, Copland and Bernstein. Listen Friday at 8 p.m.

On this edition of The Interlochen Collection, it's the career of flutist Jeanne Baxtresser. She attended Interlochen Arts Academy in the 1960s and eventually became the first woman to serve as principal flute of the New York Philharmonic. Listen to the entire episode below.

KC 229 - BOOM Week! Friday: "Mars" from "The Planets" by Gustav Holst. Interlochen Public Radio - classical music for kids!
Mars: God of War by Wenceslas Hollar (1607-1677)

Happy Friday, Kids Commuters! Welcome to the last day of BOOM Week on IPR's Kids Commute! This week, we've been listening to big, loud, terrific pieces of music.

We'll end this week with a bang in "Mars"  from "The Planets" by English composer Gustav Holst.

You can hear the Interlochen Arts Academy Band perform "Mars", along with more musical treats and tricks, at our upcoming Kids Commute Live! Event October 20. Win tickets during MONSTER Week next week!

KC 229
"Mars: Bringer of War"
"The Planets"
Sir Simon Rattle/London Philharmonic

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Essay: Sacred Cows

Oct 12, 2018

Just before our plane landed in Kathmandu, Nepal, we filled out a questionnaire about the purpose of our visit. I checked the box next to “Trekking” but I wanted to check “Pilgrimage.”

David Cassleman

The Soo is one step closer to getting a new lock. The Senate authorized nearly $922.4 million in funding for the project Wednesday.

Robert Nordling is the artistic director of the newly formed Shoreline Music Society.
Elliot Mandel

On Friday night in Manistee, the Shoreline Music Society will host its inaugural performance at the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts. The group will perform pieces from Richard Wagner and Franz Schubert, but the concert will be different from what you might expect.


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