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Points North, Ep. 1: Teen dads

In the first episode of Points North , a teen parenting program called "Generations Ahead" in Grand Traverse County expands to include dads. It helps parents day-to-day and encourages them to stay in school. Plus, we look at new harvest limits for lake trout fishers in Grand Traverse Bay and visit a wood baseball bat craftsman in the middle of his busy season.

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Thanks to listeners in St. Ignace, Torch Lake, Ludington, Old Mission Peninsula and many other places for your requests this week.

1. Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard, Now we are free (from Gladiator); 2CELLOS

2. Clifton Williams, Symphonic Suite; Eugene Corporon/North Texas Wind Symphony

3. Johann Sebastian Bach, Sleepers Awake! Danney Alkana

4. Traditional, Follow the drinking gourd; Richie Havens

5. Arturo Márquez, Danzón no. 2; Alondra de la Parra/Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas

6. Mia Jang, Lily Pond

Metropolitan Opera 2/23/2019: Rigoletto

5 hours ago

The 2018-19 Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcast season continues with Verdi’s gripping tragedy Rigoletto. The cast stars soprano Nadine Sierra as the innocent Gilda, tenor Vittorio Grigolo as the lascivious Duke, and baritone Roberto Frontali in the title role as the embittered jester who tries to shield his daughter from a corrupt world. Bass Štefan Kocán is the assassin Sparafucile, and mezzo-soprano Ramona Zaharia is his sister Maddalena.

Jeeyoon Kim is a classical pianist and music educator who takes surprising and innovative approaches to classical music. She recently visited Studio A at Interlochen Public Radio.

Kim performed music of Medtner, Handel and Grieg. She also spoke with Classical IPR about her Over. Above. Beyond. album.

An edited transcript of the interview appears below.

Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio

Last October more than 70 police officers, special agents and government officials executed search warrants on each of the seven Catholic dioceses in Michigan simultaneously. They loaded vehicles with boxes and filing cabinets – everything they could find related to potential sexual abuse by priests who have worked in Michigan from 1950 until now.


Attorney General Dana Nessel said at a press conference on Thursday that Michigan is the first state to execute a search warrant on the Church in this way.

Interlochen Center for the Arts

On this edition of The Interlochen Collection, we’ll hear organ music from various Interlochen dedications. Listen to the entire episode below.

KIDS COMMUTE - Venezuela Week! Friday

Feb 22, 2019

Today, we get to hear Kate Botello’s favorite song from her childhood, “El Sapo,” or “The Toad.” We’ll explore how the music imitates a croaking sound and hear a translation of the lyrics. 

After the music, we’ll give you the answer to this week’s Kids Commute Quizlet!

KC 299
"El Sapo"
Composer:  Alejandro Vargas 
Performer:  Serenata Guayanesa

Today on Stateside, we talk with Congresswoman Debbie Dingell about the loss of her husband and his  last words to America. Plus, we continue our look into Michigan's mental health services for children, with a conversation about the state's dire shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists. 

Teen dads stay afloat with help from parenting program

Feb 21, 2019
Teen parents in Grand Traverse County
Taylor Wizner


As teen pregnancy rates fall across the country, Grand Traverse County is struggling to bring them down. A new program in Traverse City may help; it’s restructured and expanded to include dads.


People will not be able to catch as many lake trout in Grand Traverse Bay this year. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says recreational fishers harvested an extra 15,800 pounds from the bay in 2018. As a result, the harvest limit has to be reduced by around 30,000 pounds this fishing season.

Harvest limits are determined by treaty tribes, the federal government and the state. 

Grand Traverse County Commissioners
Taylor Wizner

The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners meeting was nearly cancelled yesterday because they couldn’t decide on whether to hear an agenda item on the new prayer policy.

Commissioner Betsy Coffia wanted the board to clarify the policy for her and the public. Other commissioners said the policy was clearly spelled out and any more discussion would be a waste of their time.

Ultimately, the board was split on the vote and couldn’t break the tie.


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