Governor Gretchen Whitmer visits Traverse City
Taylor Wizner

Governor Whitmer visits Traverse City to talk updating job skills

Governor Gretchen Whitmer met with employees, local business leaders and community members at TentCraft shipping facility in Traverse City on Monday.

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The Sphinx Competition is an annual concerto competition for young American string players of color. The winners of the Sphinx Competition often go on to remarkable careers.

Recently, three Sphinx Laureates gave a recital at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts in Bay Harbor. Violinist Elena Urioste, cellist Gabriel Cabezas and double bassist Xavier Foley performed with pianist  Tom Poster.

KIDS COMMUTE - Venezuela Week! Wednesday

6 hours ago

This week on Kids Commute, we explore the Venezuelan folk music that your host, Kate Botello, grew up with. Today, we get to hear a song that’s been handed down through the ages about how to get the sweetest milk from your cow. We also have a special guest - Kate’s dad! He tells us about a wonderful memory he has of this beautiful song. 

KIDS COMMUTE - Venezuela Week! Tuesday

Feb 19, 2019

This week on Kids Commute, we’re listening to Venezuelan folk music, the soundtrack to Kate Botello’s upbringing. Today, we bring you a battle of two musical voices, where two singers sing against each other in a challenge. They trade lines back and forth until somebody misses. Kind of like a rap battle, except it’s folk music - and, in this case, Venezuelan. Today’s musical challenge is played on two instruments, the cuatro and the harp, to make it easier to hear each voice as it challenges the other. 

Attorney General Dana Nessel is scheduled to give her first public briefing on three major state cases this week. Nessel said she’ll be joined by Michigan State Police Colonel Joe Gasper and Michigan Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud.

These are all cases that Nessel inherited from former Attorney General Bill Schuette, and Nessel has been tightlipped about her plans for these cases.


Repose has been a listener favorite since the 1980s. Tune in every weeknight at 10 p.m. on Classical IPR. See all of this week's playlists below.

8 p.m. performances 2/18/19 through 2/21/19

Feb 18, 2019

KIDS COMMUTE - Venezuela Week! Monday

Feb 18, 2019

This week, Kids Commute takes you on a musical journey to Venezuela. We’ll share music that your host, Kate Botello, grew up with. Today, it's music written for a street party celebrating Saint Peter. We’ll dig into the song’s meaning, and we get to hear advice from St. Peter’s mom on why he should be wearing a hat. 

There's a Full Moon this week, the closest one of the year in fact, which lends itself to the illustrious anniversaries that also happen every year at this time.

There's President's day, honoring the births of Washington and Lincoln; and this is the week that Michelangelo died, in 1564; then there's the English Romantic Poet John Keats, who also died this week in 1821; and for the astronomy world, it's the anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus, the Polish astronomer who formulated a model of our universe that placed the Sun, not the Earth, at the center.

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This Monday at 6 p.m., join Classical IPR for Great Lakes Concerts, a weekly program featuring performances from all over the state.

Great Lakes Concerts is produced by WKAR Public Media at Michigan State in partnership with WRCJ Detroit and Interlochen Public Radio.

Thanks to listeners in Beulah, Ludington, Cedar Creek Township, Manistee and many other places for your requests this week.

1. Johannes Brahms, Symphony no. 1 (fourth movement); Riccardo Muti/Philadelphia Orchestra

2. Michael Daugherty, Bells for Stokowski; Jerry Junkin/University of Texas Wind Ensemble

3. Dan Visconti, Low Country Haze; Scharoun Ensemble

4. Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Souvenir de Porto Rico; Alan Feinberg

5. John Philip Sousa, Stars and Stripes Forever; Andre Kostelanetz and his orchestra


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