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More and more school work is being done online, but some students across the country are falling behind their peers because they don’t have internet at home.

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Northern Michigan University is holding workshops for Upper Peninsula communities on how to practice sustainable tourism.

Outdoor destination travel is growing in northern Michigan, with Marquette County bringing in about $75 million each year.

But NMU Assistant Professor Scott Jordan says some rural communities feel exploited.

"One way to address that is to involve community members in making decisions about the tourism economy. That gives them a sense of power," he says.

NMU professors accuse school of gender discrimination

Feb 18, 2019
Northern Michigan University College of Business
Northern Michigan University College of Business

Four professors at Northern Michigan University in Marquette have filed a lawsuit alleging the university pays them less than their male coworkers.

Brian Farrar, an employment lawyer at Sterling Attorneys at Law, is representing them. He says female business professors at NMU are paid 10-40 percent less than their male counterparts. Farrar says they are also given less employment benefits and are being denied consideration for tenure positions.