God of War

GAMEPLAY: The Chorus

Nov 26, 2020
By Source, Fair use: Wikipedia entry

  There’s nothing like the thrilling sound of many voices coming together!


On this week’s episode of GAMEPLAY, we celebrate the chorus in videogames.


We’ll hear the first piece of game music to win a Grammy, and we’ll enjoy singing in languages living, dead, and created too, from English and Latin to Swahili, Old Norse, and a magical tongue spoken by dragons!  

This week’s full episode and playlist are available below.

GAMEPLAY: God of War

Oct 8, 2020
By Source, Fair use: Wikipedia entry

  This week on GAMEPLAY, we’ll dive deep into the BAFTA-award winning soundtrack for 2018’s God of War!


Composer Bear McCreary’s epic, layered score for the visceral action title uses huge orchestral forces along with Nordic folk instruments and voices to bring vivid emotional life to the deities, giants, and beasts of Norse mythology.