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Repose playlists for the week of Oct. 2, 2023

Repose has been a listener favorite since the 1980s. Tune in every night at 10 p.m. on Classical IPR. See this week's playlists below.

Monday ep180929 
Tom Grant - Sun Kissed Beings
Gary Schmidt - When the Silence Speaks
Andrew White - I Dream of Her
Carolyn Southworth and Jennifer Thomas - Solo piano with orchestra: I Am a Child of God
Elizabeth Naccarato - Venetian Boat Song
Peter Kater - Dancing on Water
Omar Akram - Never Let Go
Raphael - First Kiss
2Cellos w/ London Symphony Orchestra - Now We are Free (from GLADIATOR) [Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard]
Helen Jane Long - Stars
Jennifer Thomas - Across the Starlit Sky
Dan Chadburn - Refuge
Jennifer Thomas - Old Movie Romance
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Tuesday ep180217  
Pamela Asberry - cozumel blue waters
Camille Nelson - Patterns Of Light
Neil Tatar - Gentle Steps
Jon Dahlander - Light of Day
James Todd w/ William Morse - Esperance (Hope)
Christopher Boscole - Empathy
Steven C - Communion
Pamela Asberry - the mermaid's tears
Frank Steiner, Jr. - Touching Silk
Secret Garden - Lament For A Frozen Flower
Alysha Gauthier - Sparkling Silver
Neil Tatar - Welcome Home

Wednesday ep180414  
John Boswell - The Path
Louis Landon - Beautiful Day
Tom Caufield - Nature and the Constant Illusion
Bradley Joseph - Healing the Hollow Man
Anewday - Place of Solitude
Michael Gettel - When All Is Quiet (She Dreams of Horses)
Joey Curtin - Sara
Jennifer Thomas - After the Storm
Phil Coulter - The Year of the French
Anne Trenning - When You Say Nothing at All
John Boswell - Child's Eyes
Helen Jane Long - Free
Bradley Joseph (w/ Soraya Saraswati) - Be Still
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Thursday ep160402  
Ryan Stewart - When We Met
Michael Dulin - Siren Song
Karen Marie Garrett - Moon Night
Ryan Stewart - Under the Willow
Stanton Lanier - Quiet Place
Steve Rivera, Charlie Bisharat, Eugene Friesen, Jeff Haynes, Tony Levin, Noah Wilding - My Way Home
Jennifer Zulli - Casting Out the Darkness
Matteo Palmer - Autumn
Steve Rivera, Eugene Friesen, Jill Haley - Beautiful Years
Jackson Berkey - Velvet Tear
Reneé Michele - Beside You
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Friday ep180922  
Jim Gabriel - Lost Chances
Richard Carr - Pure Love
Checkfield - After The Rain
Peter Kater and Tina Guo - Heart to Heart
Dan Chadburn - Lullaby for Peace
Lynn Yew Evers - Enchanted Stroll
Fiona Joy - Signature
Helen Jane Long - Light Up (Cello Solo: Katherine Jenkinson)
Dan Chadburn - Breath of Life
Jennifer DeFrayne - I'll See You There
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You
Saturday TBA

Gina Lenee' - Art of Life
Neil Tatar - When I was Young
Lynn Tredeau - Afternoon Reflection
Robert Linton - Gliding the Current
Gary Schmidt - Inside This River
Now - Pan Asberry
Finding You - 2002
Jennifer DeFrayne - Equanimity
Carolyn Southworth - Into the Light (remix)
Joseph Akins - Peaceful Forest 
Ken Verheercke - A Better Life 
Lisa Swerdlow - Mindful Moments
Michael Martinez - Not All Is Lost
Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

Frank Slaughter is the host of Repose.