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Repose playlists for the week of Aug. 28, 2023

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Monday Ep080517

Tally's lulla- - Karen Marie Garrett  

Bridge of dreams - David Lanz

Wills Song - Jennifer Thomas

Call summer - Koala

I Wonder - James Todd

The Sands of Time - Jennifer Cutting

As I live and breathe - Jeff Oster

The wake of the storm - Carolyn Southworth

Every living moment - Steve Haun

Hearthfire - Peter Kater  

Duo - Secret Garden

Tuesday Ep100724

Wedding Vow - Jeff Burak

Surrender - Michael Gettle

Elan' - Tom Split

So the wind won't blow it all away - John Mills

November - Paul Greaver  

Beyond the lakes - Bruce Becvar

Spring peepers - Paul Sullivan

Farewell dances - Gabriel Lee

portraits - Spencer Brewer

Arapaho firelight - Jim Chapelle

Labyrinth waltz - Kim Robertson

Wednesday Ep100807

Mark Pinkus - So Long

Star Fuentes - Divine Interventi

Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel - Deodora

Paul Sullivan - Moonlight on Snow

M.K.Sol - Some Things You Never Forget

Wind Machine - Decades

John Mills - Winter Trees

Phil Coulter - The Shores of the Swilly

Mychael Danna - Deidre Of The Sorrows

Kenio Fuke - Portals of the Universe

John Boswell - Heart Dance

Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You


Thursday Ep100918

Through new eyes - John Fluger

Elegant lady - Louis Landon

Breeze in G - James Todd

In the mirror - Yanni

Slow runs my heart - Jane Elleson

Numinous - George Carollas

On one knee - Will Ackerman

Violet - Jeff Oster

Anthem - John down

Yesterday's memories - colors of the land

Before the Last Leaf Falls - David Lanz  

Fall Dreams - Gabriel Lee

Fields of fortune - Secret Garden

Friday Ep101113

Chloe - Steven C   

O, America - Celtic Woman

Old Movie Romance - Jennifer Thomas

Nobody's Gold - Heidi Anne Briar

Water Dance's - Gabriel Lee

Cristofori's Dream - David Lons

Eve of winter - Amy Lauren

Aria - Eric Tingstad Nancy Rumble

Going Home - Mary Fall

Gentle Whisper - Kevin Kern

the courage to dream - Gary Ramal Malkin

Magic Love - Unita

Saturday TBA

Sunday Ep190119

Reneé Michele - Montana Breeze

Cory Lavine - Give Thanks

Sarah Copus - Fields of Gold

Tom Grant - Sighs 'n Whispers

Tingstad & Rumbel ( Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel) - Willow

Starr Parodi - The Heart of Frida

John Mills - Into the dark night

Adam Andrews - Surrounding Hollow

Kathryn Kaye - Winter's Deepest Sleep

Terry Lee Nichols - Reflections

Cathy Oakes - Home with Annie

Reneé Michele - The Space Within

Danny Wright - Softly as I Leave You

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