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Eye for the Storm

Brad Reed_8771_November 12_2015_Fuel Injected_Web Address.jpg
The Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light gets a good dose of what Todd and Brad Reed call "magic light" during a November storm in 2015. (credit Brad Reed)

For most people, November isn’t a great time for a day at the beach. But photographers Todd and Brad Reed aren’t most people. They dream of capturing Lake Michigan at its gnarliest.

The Reeds say a lot of their success comes from having a game-plan in place, before they ever step foot outside. Brad calls it previsualization.

“Laying in bed the night before a storm when we can’t sleep, we’re thinking about where on the beach is going to be a good spot,” he says. “We’re building pictures in our head. That makes us much more efficient when we get out and we’re doing the actual shooting.”

Brad compares the experience of storm photography to extreme skiing in the mountains.

“It’s the same kind of rush shooting a true Lake Michigan gale," he says.

Host / Producer: Dan Wanschura
Editing: Patrick Shea, Peter Payette
Music: Podington Bear

Ever since he was young, Dan has been fascinated with radio. From hearing the dulcet tones of John Gordon broadcast Minnesota Twins games, to staying up late listening to radio theater, he was captivated by the imaginative medium.