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Outdoors: April, come she will

"April, come she will, When streams are ripe and swelled with rain," so sang Simon and Garfunkel.

Paul Simon wrote the lyrics, but words may well have been inspired by a British nursery rhyme.

The gentle song describes the succession of the months, but in it, the changes in nature actually are a metaphor for a the moods of a woman.

"April Come She Will" recounts a romance that blossomed in the spring, but as the months wore on, it sort of dried up.

I hope the words of "April, Come She Will" are not prophetic.

Thanks to late-season precipitation, our streams currently are "ripe and swelled with rain."

But will that last?

In May will the moisture stay?

In June, will the weather change its tune?

Last summer, the weather was, well, weird. Remember?

The Opening Ceremony of the Interlochen Arts Camp was delayed due to violent winds. And remember the smoke? In July, the freak hail storm (or was it really snow?) gave no warning.

Moving into August, long periods were abnormally dry. Or maybe, that dry weather is becoming our new normal.

I’m pretty sure that autumn winds will blow chilly and cold, but other than that, I can’t predict the weather. And I’m not so sure that professional meteorologists can either.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

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