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Outdoors: Woodchucks woo

The long-running  show The Fantasticks opens with a haunting song:

“Try to remember the kind of September…when life was slow and oh, so mellow. “ 

Later  in the show, right before the song “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” the narrator says-:

It begins with a season which,
For want of a better word,
We might as well call – September.
It begins with a forest where the woodchucks woo.”

A  lovely image, but I kind of wish that Tom Jones had left woodchucks and a few  distasteful images out of his lyrics. For woodchucks, September is not mellow nor is it a time for courtship.

Woodchucks woo, begin courtship in early spring, perhaps as early as  February.  Soon after he comes out of hibernation, a male will spend a few days with a female getting acquainted—courting— before mating in March.  

And it’s not unusual for the polygamous male to move on to woo a series of other mates.  And for the record,  woodchucks usually woo in woodland edges or  fields, not in the forest.

For woodchucks, September is not slow and mellow, but rather a frantic time for serious, SERIOUS eating. They consume more than a pound of vegetation a day. They need to build up fat reserves to survive the winter hibernation.

Deep in December, woodchuck don't remember. Their hearts are beating far too slowly to remember, much less follow.

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