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Kids Commute: Rhythm Week 2023!

A member of a drumline wearing marching quad drums.
A member of a drumline wearing marching quad drums.

We're spending the week exploring five different rhythms and styles of rhythm-making! It's time to get out some drumsticks, congas or maybe some dancing shoes!

What's the difference between a beat and a rhythm??

The beat is the underlying pulse of a piece of music, for example, if a song is in 4, the beat feels like: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ...

But often, there are other patterns of notes playing over top of that pulse, and those are the rhythms!

It’s the way the notes are arranged and played on top of that pulse, or the driving beat.

And in this week of Kids Commute, Kate will explore:

  • an Afro-Cuban polyrhythm
  • contrasting zippy and stately African rhythms
  • syncopation
  • dancing the polka!
  • marching band drumlines!

Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 a.m. and 3:20 p.m., or listen any time below to hear these amazing saxes and the amazing stories behind them!

KC RhythmWeek MONDAY: Guaguanco!
"Cuarteto en guaguanco" by Guido Lopez Gavilan performed by the Harlem Quartet<br/>
KC Rhythm Week - TUESDAY: Udje and Agbadza (from "24 Studies in African Rhythms" by Fred Onovwerosuoke)
Performed by William Chapman Nyaho
KC Rhythm Week - WEDNESDAY: Syncopation!
"Elite Syncopation" by Scott Joplin, performed by Alexander Peskanov
KC Rhythm Week - THURSDAY: Polka!
"Tritsch-Tratsch Polka" by Johann Strauss II performed by the Vienna Philharmonic
KC Rhythm Week - FRIDAY: Drumlines!
University of Michigan Marching Band Drumline

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Kate Botello is a host and producer at Classical IPR.
Emily Duncan Wilson is IPR's digital content manager and is the producer of "Classical Sprouts" and "Kids Commute".