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Kids Commute - Alma Deutscher Week!

One of our goals is to keep you informed on what’s new in classical music, and the Kids Commute team is really excited to bring you Alma Deutscher Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio! Alma is a child prodigy, who not only plays piano and violin, but has also been composing since she was four years old. We’ll tell you all about her background, her philosophies and method of composing, and introduce you to her music. As always, we’ll give you a hint to the Kids Commute Quizlet so you can win a Kids Commute Prize Pack. Thanks for listening to Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio - your source for music appreciation for kids.

KC 386 - ALMA DEUTSCHER WEEK! Tuesday: Today, we'll hear a piece originally composed by Alma Deutscher at age five, then renamed for a poor lonely tree when she was eight. The composer performs "The Lonely Pine Tree" on the piano.
KC 387 - ALMA DEUTSCHER WEEK: Wednesday! Today, we'll learn about how skipping rope helps Alma Deutscher compose (or does it?), and listen to her "Rondino in E-flat Major for Violin, Viola and Piano."
KC 388 - ALMA DEUTSCHER WEEK! Thursday: Today, we'll hear Alma Deutscher's "Andante for Violin and Piano" composed when she was six years old! It's performed by pianist Sam Haywood and the young British violinist, Tanya Roos.
KC 389 - ALMA DEUTSCHER WEEK! Friday: Today, we'll hear "The Star of Hope" - a piano arrangement of music from Alma Deutscher's full-length opera, "Cinderella." We ask our Quizlet after the music!