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Kids Commute - Banjo Week with Bela Fleck!

The Kids Commute team is very excited because our guest host for the week is banjo superstar, Bela Fleck.

We’ll hear about how he got started playing banjo, why he plays classical music, and what inspired him to write classical music for the banjo.

Plus, Bela gives our audience some advice on how to decide which instrument may be right for you to learn. All of that, plus you’ll hear fantastic music played by Bela. And don’t forget about the Kids Commute Quizlet.

Send us the correct answer, and we’ll send you a Kids Commute Prize Pack.

KC 331 - BANJO WEEK WITH BELA FLECK! Tuesday: Today, we'll hear banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck perform a work originally written for the violin by composer J.S. Bach - the Violin Partita No. 3.

KC 332 - BANJO WEEK WITH BELA FLECK! - Wednesday: Today, we'll hear Bela's take on Tchaikovsky's "Melodie: Souvenir of a Dear Place."

KC 333 - BANJO WEEK WITH BELA FLECK! Thursday: Today, Bela Fleck talks about arranging piano music by the great Frederic Chopin for the banjo! He had some help from his friend, legendary guitarist John Williams. We'll hear Chopin's "Marzurka" performed by Fleck and Williams!
KC 334 - BANJO WEEK WITH BELA FLECK! Friday: Today, we wrap up Banjo Week with our new friend Bela Fleck, as he talks about finding the right musical instrument to inspire you. We also listen to the third movement of the "Juno Concerto" written for his son.