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Show Tunes S4 Episode 18 - Man of La Mancha (1965)

Original Cast Album of "Man of La Mancha"

A classical musical retelling of "Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, by Mitch Leigh (music) and Joe Darion (lyrics).

Dale Wasserman (book), Mitch Leigh (music) and Joe Darion (lyrics), created a clever framing device for this musical adaptation of the 1605/1615 novel "Don Quixote" by Miguel de Cervantes. The author, in prison awaiting trial for his own real-life troubles, tells the tale of an elderly gentleman who reads too many romance novels and believes himself to be a grand knight.

Together with the hard-edged Aldonza (whom he envisions as the Lady Dulcinea) and his loyal sidekick Sancho Panza, he attempts to embark on a great quest. His family, doctor and priest, however, want him to come to his senses and come home.

Biggest Hits:

The Impossible Dream
Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)

Honorable Mention:

I Like Him (Kate's note - just 'cause it's pretty delightful)

Trigger Warning:

Though "Man of La Mancha" features many wonderful and uplifting moments, it's also a tragedy. "The Abduction" and the following "Aldonza" are at turns cruel and heartbreaking. The local Muleteers violently attack Aldonza for embracing idealism, and try to break her new spirit. It's a harrowing scene, and the show does not shy away from its ugliness.

Musical numbers:

  1. Overture
  2. Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)
  3. It's All the Same
  4. Dulcinea
  5. I'm Only Thinking of Him
  6. I Really Like Him
  7. What Do You Want of Me?
  8. The Barber's Song/Golden Helmet
  9. To Each His Dulcinea
  10. The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
  11. Little Bird, Little Bird
  12. The Dubbing
  13. The Abduction
  14. Aldonza
  15. A Little Gossip
  16. Reprises: Dulcinea, The Impossible Dream, Man of La Mancha
  17. The Psalm/Finale

Kate Botello is the morning host on Classical IPR. She also hosts and produces Kids Commute and Show Tunes with Kate Botello.