WIAA 88.7 FM returns to full power

May 6, 2020

750 feet off the ground, tower crew members inspect the WIAA antenna
Credit Gary Langley

Classical IPR's 88.7 FM tower has been repaired. As of 5:29 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, WIAA has been restored to full operating power.

Repairs have been repeatedly delayed due to limited availability of specialized crews who can repair these kinds of towers, inclement weather and travel bans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A tower crew arrived onsite in Harrietta on Monday, May 4.

They lowered the five bottom bays so that they could access the middle T-section of the tower. 

The burned parts from the WIAA T-section that needed to be replaced
Credit Gary Langley

When they removed the middle T-section (which adjoins the top and bottom halves of the antenna and splits the feed that comes in from the transmitter), the crew found parts that were completely burned. These burned parts separated the inner conductor, which was the source of the problem.

When the crew diagnosed the issue, the T-section was lowered 750 feet to the ground. Replacement parts were ordered and shipped immediately.

The parts were replaced on Tuesday, and the T-section and bays were restored to their positions on the tower. 

Interlochen Public Radio is grateful to our listeners for their patience during these repairs. We ask that you please share the news about these repairs with friends, family and neighbors.

Many thanks to IPR's chief broadcast engineer Gary Langley.

The crew members were from Worldwide Communications Consultants, Inc. 

Credit Gretchen Carr