TCAPS student athlete tests positive for COVID-19 days before return to in-person learning

Sep 16, 2020

Just days before Traverse City students return to in-person learning, the district announced a student athlete has tested positive for COVID-19.

TC West Athletic Director Jason Carmien says after a practice Tuesday, parents noticed their child had a fever.

“They took it upon themselves to get tested and quarantined their child from the onset of their symptoms,” he said.

That student is currently in quarantine, and the county health department has reached out to others who may have been exposed. 

Carmien says they screen student athletes for COVID symptoms everyday, and that games and practices will continue as planned.

“That parent responsibility is what’s gonna be at the forefront,” he said. “That idea that if you’re not feeling well and if you’re exhibiting symptoms that you don’t come to school, you don’t go to practice, you don’t get on a bus and drive to an event. We’ll see how it goes.”

TCAPS students are scheduled to go back to in-person instruction Sept. 21.