Show Tunes with Kate Botello - Episode 18

Apr 3, 2016

Get ready to get groovy with the original 1968 cast of HAIR on tonight's show!

Welcome to Episode 18 of Show Tunes with Kate Botello! Coming up - let’s dance! We’ll get groovy with some 60’s and 70’s rock musicals and then tap our way into the hearts of millions with hot tunes for hoofers.  Shine up your shoes and let down your hai-hai hai-hai-hai hai-hai hair! At Intermission - scathing critics reviews of shows we all thought were pretty good! - And in Act II, some favorites by composer Jason Robert Brown.

Click through for this week's playlist, some bonus toe-tapping action, and to find out how to hear your voice on the show!

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Here's this week's playlist!

  • PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT (2011) - Overture
  • HAIR (1968) - Hair
  • THE ME NOBODY KNOWS (1970) - Sounds
  • JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (1971) - Superstar
  • ANYTHING GOES (1934/1962) - Anything Goes
  • DAMES AT SEA (1968) - Star Tar
  • 42ND STREET (1980) - 42nd Street

INTERMISSION: We've got some bad critics' reviews of shows the rest of us thought were pretty good. This was inspired by a great 2014 article by David Sheward for 10 Broadway Shows Critics Got Dead Wrong. We only get to three of 'em on the show - read the article for the other seven!

  • THE BOOK OF MORMON (2000) - Hello
  • THE KING AND I (1951/2015) - Getting to Know You
  • THE LAST FIVE YEARS (2002) - Summer in Ohio
  • SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD (1995) - Stars and the Moon
  • THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY (2014) - It All Fades Away
  • PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT (2011) - Finale - Finally/Medley

Here's some of that mad, gorgeous, old-school 42ND STREET tapping action from the Tony Awards. Check it out - not just for how they tap, but where (spoiler alert: it's an unlikely place for a kick line).

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