Sen. Gary Peters pushes for more accurate broadband maps

Jun 17, 2019

Gary Peters says he wants the FCC's broadband maps to be "based on good data" during a June Commerce Committee hearing.
Credit image captured from Sen. Gary Peters' YouTube page

U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) has introduced a bill to improve a country-wide broadband coverage map.

The Federal Communications Commission has an online map that shows coverage areas for cell and internet service. Peters says the current map is mostly filled out by private broadband providers and is not accurate.


"Oftentimes you pick up a promotional borchure it'll be able to show there is coverage everywhere and yet when you're driving in your car, you'll see there are no bars," he says.


Peters says with more accurate maps it will be easier to get broadband service in rural Michigan communities. He says some areas with limited or no broadband access are eligible for government subisides.