Legislation to end straight-ticket voting heads to Gov. Snyder's desk

Dec 17, 2015

Legislation that would eliminate the straight-ticket voting option on Michigan ballots is headed to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk.

Rick Pluta, co-host of It’s Just Politics and the Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network, tells us that if signed, this legislation would have three effects:

  1. It would eliminate the option that Michigan voters had to vote for candidates in one party by filling a single circle on the ballot.
  2. It would provide money for local governments to buy more voting machines.
  3. It would ensure that this legislation cannot be challenged via voter referendum.

Michigan Radio reporter Jake Neher was in the chambers yesterday. He says things got a little heated.

“It’s been a week of procedural drama, and this bill was no different,” Neher says.

The two tell us more about the proposed legislation and how it could affect Michigan voters in our conversation above.

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