KIDS COMMUTE - Wakanda Week! Thursday

Mar 21, 2019

Welcome back to Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio. Our theme is Wakanda Week, where we present musical selections from the soundtrack of “Black Panther,” from Marvel Comics. What would an action movie be without a good battle scene? And what battle scene would be complete without exciting and illustrative music to keep us engaged in the moment? Today’s music sure does a great job! In “Killmonger vs. T’Challa,” Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson uses talking drums and the Fula flute to create musical themes to accompany the characters as they struggle to see who will become king. Once we hear the music, we’ll give you the final clue for the answer to this week’s Kids Commute Quizlet. Make sure you text us the correct answer to win your Kids Commute Prize Pack. We hope you’re enjoying Wakanda Week on Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio.

KC 2113
"Killmonger vs. T'Challa"
Composer:  Ludwig Goransson
Performers: uncredited studio orchestra