Kids Commute - Tri-Cornered Hat Week!

21 hours ago

The Boss thinks the Miller's Wife is pretty cute: The Tri-Cornered Hat
Credit Chris van Niekerk, Maxine Denys en Harold King in die vroeë 1960's in Three-Cornered Hat in die Alhambra, Kaapstad.

This week on Kids Commute, we're going to the ballet!

We'll learn the story and hear the music of Spanish composer Manuel de Falla's lighthearted ballet, "The Tri-Cornered Hat!"

We'll have a tri-cornered Quizlet for you, too.

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Here's one of the dances from the ballet, featuring Leonide Massine, its original choreographer, who traveled all around Spain with Manuel de Falla to learn about its music and dance.

This week's MAYA MIX contains all the music from the ballet - with the titles in Spanish! To translate, the movements are:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Afternoon
  3. Dance of the Miller's Wife
  4. The Grapes
  5. Dance of the Neighbors
  6. Dance of the Miller
  7. Dance of the Magistrate (Mayor! Judge! Corrector! Boss!)
  8. Final Dance (the one with the blanket!)