Kids Commute - Dolly Week! Wednesday

Jan 23, 2019

Cover sheet for the "Dolly" Suite.

Welcome to the mid-week episode of Kids Commute from Interlochen Public Radio. Our theme this week is "Dolly Week" -  but we’re not talking about Barbie or G.I. Joe action figures. “Dolly” is a suite of music with six movements written in the late 1800s by French composer, Gabriel Fauré.

If you missed the show on Monday and Tuesday, we answered the question of who Dolly is, and listened to a birthday lullaby, and music for a non-cat (listen to Tuesday’s show if you’re not sure what that is). Today, we highlight the third movement, "Le jardin de Dolly." That translates to "Dolly’s Garden." Fauré had composed it as a New Year’s Day present at the start of 1895. Fauré managed to quote one of his own compositions when he was writing it. Of course, after the music we’ll give you the another hint for this week’s Quizlet. Text us the correct answer, and we’ll get you a Kids Commute Prize Pack!

KC 277
"Dolly" Op. 56, No. 3 - “Le jardin de Dolly” or, “Dolly’s Garden”
Composer: Gabriel Fauré
Performers: Sally Pinkas and Evan Hirsch, four-hand piano