Kids Commute - BOOM Week! Monday

Oct 8, 2018

Matador in the Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería in Seville

Happy Monday, Kids Commuters, and welcome to BOOM WEEK on IPR's Kids Commute - classical music for kids!

You know how classical music can be really soothing and relaxing? Not this week! This week, we're listening to big, loud, booming pieces of music!

Today, we'll go BOOM with bullfighters in the exhilarating "Entrance (March) of the Toreadors" from Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen." The fans are so excited to see them!

KC 225
"Entrance (March) of the Toreadors" ("Les voici!")
Georges Bizet
Richard Hickox/London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Here's the scene featured in today's music by the Glyndebourne Festival Chorus:

...and here's a little bit of a bullfight from the Monumental Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. You can hear the crowd shouting "¡Olé!"

Sing along with the crowd! Here's the libretto for "Les Voici! (Entrance/March of the Toreadors)."

Here they come! Here's the cuadrilla!
The toreadors' cuadrilla!
The sun flashes on their lances!
Up in the air with your caps and hats!
Here they are! Here's the cuadrilla,
the toreadors' cuadrilla!
Here, coming into the square
first of all, marching on foot,
is the constable with his ugly mug!
Down with him! Down with him!
And now as they go by
let's cheer the bold chulos!
Bravo! Hurrah! Glory to courage!
Here come the bold chulos!
Look at the banderilleros!
See what a swaggering air!
See them! See them!
What looks, and how brilliantly
the ornaments glitter
on their fighting dress!
Here are the banderilleros!
Another cuadrilla's coming!
Look at the picadors!

How handsome they are!

How they'll torment the bulls' flanks
with the tips of their lances!
(At last Escamillo appears, accompanied by a
radiant and magnificently dressed Carmen.)

The Matador! Escamillo!
It's the Matador, the skilled swordsman,
he who comes to finish things off,
who appears at the drama's end
and strikes the last blow!
Long live Escamillo! Ah bravo!
Here they are! here's the cuadrilla! etc.