Kids Commute - Banjo Week with Bela Fleck Encore!

Nov 13, 2020

Bela Fleck plays the Kids Commute theme on his banjo in IPR's Studio A. It's BANJO WEEK!

Hey there Kids Commuters! This week we're listening to an encore of our award-winning BANJO WEEK with the First Gentleman of the banjo, Bela Fleck!

Bela was kind enough to step right off the tour bus and into our studio - and changed the way we think about the banjo forever.

We have a brand-new banjo Quizlet for you this week! Congrats to our Quizlet Aces:

  • Mario, Hector & Kathryn from Traverse City
  • Tobias from Honor
  • Duane from Engadine
  • Jaylyn from Washington Island, WI
  • Ames & Copeland from Harbor Springs
  • Finn in Traverse City
  • Beatrix in Traverse City
  • Landon and Brayden from Traverse City
  • Luke in Traverse City
  • Parker & Dorothy from Memphis, TN
  • Eden & Jael from Washington Island, WI
  • Andrew & Katherine from Interlochen
  • Bronwyn & Gwyneth from Traverse City
  • Beatrice from Arcadia
  • Fulton in Traverse City
  • Hazel in Reed City
  • Zoe & Jonas in Memphis, TN
  • Kierstyn in Merritt

Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 a.m. on Classical IPR, or listen any time at the links below!

This week's MAYA MIX contains all the music from this week's episodes, plus some extra Bela Fleck magic for you to enjoy!