Impaired Driving Commission: Don't use THC levels for marijuana OWIs

Mar 27, 2019

Credit TheraCann

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. For a long time in Michigan, you could face criminal charges for driving with it in your system.

But the state Impaired Driving Safety Commission says that should not be the case. They released a list of recommendations on impaired driving this week.

The report says that THC can remain in someone's system for months, and can't be used to to tell if a driver is actively under the influence of marijuana.

The Commission also said police officers and prosecutors should expand roadside drug testing and get additional training on how to detect impaired drivers. Criminal Defense Attorney Joshua Covert says that's a good step, but some of those training methods are archaic.

"That training is kind of ludicrous, one of the things they’re trained to look for is to have the subject open their mouth and to see if they have a green tongue," Covert says.

The recomendations now go to the state Legislature and the Governor's office. In the meantime, Michigan State Police will expand the use of roadside testing this fall.