Horizon Books to unveil new plans in coming weeks

Jan 16, 2020

Horizon Books in Traverse City is closing. The iconic bookstore has been a popular gathering place on Front Street for almost 60 years.


Owners Amy Reynolds and Vic Herman made the announcement earlier this week.

“I don’t know how this happened,” joked Reynolds, “but I think I’ve reached retirement age, and it was in the blink of an eye.”

Amy Reynolds owns Horizon Books with her husband Vic Herman.
Credit Dan Wanschura / Interlochen Public Radio

Horizon Books was more than a bookstore for many people in Traverse City. It was a gathering place for music, authors and other community groups. When the news broke that the store would be closing  many took to social media to share memories and express sadness.

JohnPaul Morris owns a film production company in Traverse City. When he saw the news, he wrote on Facebook, “This hurts. This was one of very few establishments when I was a young adult that made me and others my age feel like there was a place for us in Traverse City, and of those, Horizon Books is the last remaining.”

Reynolds says it hasn’t been easy talking to customers about the news, but all the love has meant a lot.

“It is immeasurable,” she says. “They’ve been so outspoken about their support and it’s been really a heart-tug all week.” 

The exact closing date of Horizon Books isn’t know quite yet — it could months yet— but it will happen sometime this year. 

As for what’s next for the 22,000-square-foot storefront, Reynolds says they’re working with the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority on a plan that’s in the best interest of the downtown area and community.

“We have … a verbal agreement with someone, and we hope to announce in a week or two weeks,” says Reynolds. “I’ve been suggesting to people, ‘be a little patient.’ We don’t have to close immediately.”

Horizon Books will hold a book sale when the Front Street store does close. Anything left over from the sale will likely go to the store’s Cadillac location which will remain open. Reynolds also says there are plans in the works for a closing party, to celebrate all the memories made at Horizon Books on Front Street in Traverse City.