In hopes of luring families, Suttons Bay passes new housing law

Nov 13, 2014

A new law in Suttons Bay will make it easier to build multi-family housing in the township.
Credit Paul Wilkinson

The Suttons Bay Township Board unanimously approved a new law Wednesday that’s meant to encourage more affordable housing in the area. The law will make it easier for property owners to build duplexes on their land – and for developers to build new apartment buildings.

Land use planner Kathy Egan said the idea ran into very little resistance.

“That’s all that we’ve heard at the township office level has been support," said Egan. "People are hoping that it results in more housing available for starter homes and for renters.”

Egan said she’s heard from some local property owners who are interested in building multi-family housing on their property.

The township board said it hopes to lure working families to the area and reverse a trend of declining enrollment in local schools. 

The new law goes into effect Nov. 28th.