Fresh off Grammy, Billy Strings says northern Michigan set stage for his career

Mar 16, 2021

When Billy Strings moved from northern Michigan to Nashville about six years ago, he had an idea good things might follow.

“I never thought I’d win a Grammy,” he said. “I thought maybe moving to Nashville would be a good move. Turned out to be.”

Billy Strings credits his fans in northern Michigan for helping him reach this high point in his career.
Credit Jesse Faatz

Now, fresh off his first Grammy Award, Strings said his fans in northern Michigan are a big reason why some call him the future of bluegrass music.

"Playing all those gigs in them bars and stuff man, that makes you a strong musician because you gotta play over everyone talking and stuff,” Strings said laughing.

“It really seems like the people of northern Michigan kinda shoved me in this little boat and shoved me off to sea and said, ‘Alright Billy, go!’”

Strings won the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album for his record “Home.” He says the album is relatable to a wide variety of people today. That and the sound of the songs themselves.

Despite considering himself a successful musician, Strings is quick to say he’s still got something to prove.

“This Grammy is just a nice little pat on the back and a boost for morale, but I still got a lot of stuff to say,” he said. "I’m just getting started, really. I feel like maybe this is even kind of a springboard for what is really to come in the future as far as my music.”