The Force remains strong for creator of 'One Man Star Wars Trilogy'

Mar 2, 2017

For the past 16 years, actor Charles Ross has been performing his One Man Star Wars Trilogy.

“Every time I think that the show is going to dry up, Star Wars just keeps on putting new things out and making new generations of fans,” he says. 

The one-man play tells the story of the three original Star Wars films. It doesn’t feature any costumes, sets, props, or special effects - just Charles Ross. He plays about 45 different characters and uses dialogue from the films plus some of his own humor.

“I think what I’ve realized over time as I’ve written new shows - there’s nothing in the world that is as popular as Star Wars." 

After performing the show thousands of times, for crowds all around the world, Ross says he’s not worried about being boxed in by the Stars Wars persona he’s developed.

“I certainly wouldn’t say that typecasting yourself is a prison,” he explains. “I guess it’s kind of a legacy.”

It’s a gig that’s worked out for Ross. He says it’s nice to know it came from him.

Charles Ross brings his 'One Man Star Wars Trilogy' to the City Opera House in Traverse City, next Friday night, March 10. For more information, click here.