Enbridge VP Says Life Expectancy Question Not Relevant For Straits Pipeline

Jun 25, 2014

(UPDATE: An official in the Department of Natural Resources says the agreement with Enbridge granting an underwater easement to run the pipeline is not confidential. Walter Linn says it is available to the public and he knows of no confidentiality clauses in it.)

Brad Shamla says Line 5 doesn't have a life expectancy in the way you might expect. The Vice President for U.S. Operations says Enbridge has detected no issues with the 61-year old line under the Straits of Mackinac, despite constant monitoring. Shamla also told Peter Payette that the Canadian company's agreement to run a pipeline along Michigan bottomlands is confidential and endless. He would not explain the reason for the confidentiality.

The blog post mentioned toward the end of the conversation can be read here.