Despite move out of county, Grand Traverse Dem still on ballot

Oct 10, 2018

Headquarters for the Grand Traverse Democratic Party
Credit David Cassleman

County Democrats say Kenzie Jeurink has moved to Manistee, effectively dropping her from the race.

Republican Gordie LaPointe is now essentially running unopposed for the county’s sixth district.

Grand Traverse County Clerk Bonnie Scheele says Jeurink’s name will still be on the ballot.


“If she won … she would decline to take the position and the new county board of commissioners would appoint someone from that district to fill that position,” Scheele says.


LaPointe says he’s still campaigning hard because Democrats could vote Jeurink in.


“I put my signs out, I’ll end up doing about 2,500 mailings, I’ve kind of continued on, because the fact of the matter is a lot of people just vote party,” LaPointe said.


A representative from the county Democrats says they’ve stopped advertising Jeurink’s campaign. They could run a write-in campaign, but they say that’s unlikely.


Jeurink could not be reached for comment.