Classical IPR in conversation with Caleb Hudson of Canadian Brass

Oct 15, 2020

Caleb Hudson

This weekend, the five members of Canadian Brass will perform in person together for the first time since COVID-19 halted their touring schedule this past March.

They'll be following strict safety protocols, trumpeter Caleb Hudson told Classical IPR.

For example, he joked, each member will play inside their own separate bubble on stage.

He did say that the audience at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts will have to "suffer through a completely onstage performance" this weekend, without any of the customary Canadian Brass shenanigans involving tuba player Chuck Daellenbach roving through the performance venue. 

There won't be any bubbles, either, but the members of the group will be sporting their traditional white tennis shoes.

Hudson has maintained his teaching load at the University of North Texas even while Canadian Brass's touring schedule was on hold. He says that he encourages young brass players to listen, to surround themselves with like-minded artists and to be open to many different possibilities.

Real growth as a musician, he says, happens outside of what can be a "myopic" or "selfish" practice room mentality. Hudson encourages musicians to collaborate and think beyond their own part and instrument.

Listen to Classical IPR's entire conversation with Caleb Hudson below.

Hudson and his colleagues from Canadian Brass will perform Sunday, October 18 at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts. Both performances are currently sold out. Click here to join the waitlist.