Classical IPR in Concert: Oktoberfest Singalong Soiree

Sep 23, 2020

Classical IPR in Concert presents: The Oktoberfest Singalong Soiree!

This week on Classical IPR in Concert, we present our Oktoberfest Singalong Soiree with hosts Tony Bero and Kate Botello. Traverse Symphony Orchestra Maestro Kevin Rhodes makes a cameo appearance as our ersatz Mayor of Munich.

Official Oktoberfest activities in Munich have been canceled this year due to COVID-19, so we're bringing the celebration home to you! Join us for some great elbow-swinging oompah music and fun fest facts Friday night at 8pm or Sunday at noon. Listen any time at the link.

Music featured in the broadcast:

  • 01 Bayericher Defiliermarsch (Bavarian Parade March) by Original Münchner Blasmusikanten 
  • 02 “O’zapfst is!”
  • 03 12-gun salute
  • 04 Ein Prosit by Der Musikanten Vagabonden
  • 05 Böhmischer Traum (Bavarian Dream) by Gasterländer Blasmusikanten
  • 06 High on a Mountain Peak - The Bavarian Yodeling Club 
  • 07 Bavarian Polka - The Bavarian Yodeling Club 
  • 08 Liechtensteiner Polka - The Liechtensteiners 
  • 09 The Chicken Dance - The Original Oktoberfest Band
  • 10 Ein Abend mit Volksmusik (An Evening With Folk Music)
  • 11 Zillertaler Walzer by Alma
  • 12 Erinnerungen an Brennberg by Tegernseer Tanzlmusi
  • 13 Alm Boarischer by Die Fidelen Oberfranken
  • 14 Dirndltanz by Die Lauser
  • 15 Oh, du Lieber Augustin - Shketz Oktoberfest Band
  • 16 The Oompah Polka - The Bavarian Ooompah Band
  • 17 Einen Stern (der deinen Namen tragt) - Traditional Oktoberfest
  • 18 Lowenbrau commercial
  • 19 Das Esellied - Familienmusik Herzog
  • 20 Die Lustigen Holzhackerbaum
  • 21 Beer Barrel Polka - Frankie Yankovic 
  • 22 Der Mai Ist Gekommen - The Bavarian Oom-Pah Band
  • 23 Brahms Quotes Drinking Song [short excerpt]. 
  • 24 Was kommt dort von der Hoh?