Classical IPR in Concert: Grace Under Pressure

Apr 5, 2020

Richard Gao
Kat Jolliff

On March 12, Interlochen Arts Academy students learned they would be departing campus abruptly because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quickly, it dawned on the young artists that many recitals, ensemble performances and other events would be postponed or even canceled.

On Classical IPR in Concert this week, we'll share two solo recitals. Hours before the campus closed, organist Kat Jolliff and pianist Richard Gao performed their programs having just heard about the imminent dismissal. These are some of the last notes played before the students went home.

Tune in to hear Richard Gao and Kat Jolliff. They exemplify grace under pressure on Classical IPR in Concert this Friday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at noon. You can listen below at any time.

These programs were engineered by Michael Culler.

Click to enlarge program image.
Click to enlarge program image.