Boyne City to ban river jumping

Jun 28, 2019

View of the Boyne River
Credit The Friends of the Boyne River

Boyne City plans to make it illegal to jump into the river from a stretch of boardwalk and other locations.

Mayor Tom Neidhamer says police noticed large roots and other dangerous material near an area where local kids like to jump 20-30 feet into the water.

"We don't to stop people from having fun," he says. "That's what living in Northern Michigan is all about. But there's a safety issue."

He says swimming and floating on the river will still be allowed.

City commissioners expect to vote on the ordinance at the next meeting on July 9.

Traverse City has an ordinance that says people must respect signs that prohibit swimming, diving or wading into the water. In Leland, there are signs up, but there is no law banning it.