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Classical Sprouts: Meet The Kanneh-Masons

From Britain's Got Talent to a royal wedding, all of the seven Kanneh-Mason siblings have impressive musical resumes - and the youngest is just 12!

The siblings are from Nottingham, England, where their parents, who were amateur musicians, encouraged them to study music.

Their mom, Kadiatu Kanneh, says her children's success doesn't come from talent, it comes from genius.

Three of the Kanneh-Masons are cellists, three are violinists and oldest, Isata, is a pianist.

Their resume includes performances on Britain's Got Talent, at the BAFTA Awards and on their own best-selling album, Carnival, but many of the siblings also perform as soloists or in small ensembles.

Isata released her debut album, "Romance," which features Clara Schumann's music, in 2019.

Sheku, cellist and third oldest, even performed at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

They don't just stick to classical music, either; they perform everything from Black spirituals to Bob Marley!

To hear more from the Kanneh-Masons, check out this episode's Spotify playlist!

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