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Pandemic Stories: New York dream deferred

Courtesy of Analise Buhr

Analise Buhr dreamed of studying fashion design in New York and moved to the city near the end of 2019 to pursue her dream.

All of that was swept away in a day due to coronavirus.


“I was working in Manhattan in ABC Kitchen, that’s a Jean George Restaurant in the City,” Buhr said. “They closed on March 14th.”


She had to decide quickly what to do.


“I basically in a day decided,” Buhr said. “My job closed, my lease is gonna be up at the end of April. I decided, ‘OK, I’m gonna go home.’ I went to the corner store and got two big suitcases, packed as much as I could in those suitcases and flew home.” 



Buhr flew to Michigan, quarantined for two weeks at her parents home in Suttons Bay, then drove back to Manhattan with her father to pack up the rest of her belongings.


“My father and I decided that we were gonna drive out there, do a 48-hour trip, get my stuff and come back,” Buhr said. “So that’s what we did.”


When they got back, it was another two weeks of quarantine.


“It’s such a strange feeling to be back and just kinda dreaming for the future,” Buhr said. “I would like to go back to New York City eventually. I don’t really have a time frame on it. Obviously, with everything going on I think that it’s probably gonna take a couple years.”