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Hard-hit Glen Arbor begins cleanup after powerful storm

As northern Michigan cleans up after Sunday’s violent storm, some communities face a bigger job than others.

The town of Glen Arbor was especially hard hit. Power is still out there and the main road into town is blocked by dozens of fallen trees. Contractors were using chainsaws and a bulldozer Monday afternoon to try to clear M-22.

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s department says no one was killed or seriously injured during the storm Sunday. But for residents like David Tepoorten, it was a pretty harrowing experience.

“You know, it was just really fast," says Tepoorten. "I just went into my cottage and just kind of rode it out. Trees were shaking, [my] cottage was rumbling. I was lucky. I have a lot of trees down on my property but nothing hit my cottage.”

Not everyone was so lucky. Several houses and vehicles in the area were hit by falling trees. On Glen Lake, docks were twisted and broken and several boats were overturned.

Pam Beard says many of her neighbors lost their boats.

“Everybody’s boat got pushed down towards the bridge," says Beard. "Our neighbor said they tried to stop a pontoon and it was almost like the water was sucking the boat right through, underneath the bridge, like it was still running. He said it was kind of weird. There’s about a foot less water over there right now. It was just amazing.”

Beard was out driving down M-22, trying to find a way into town.

“This is my first try," she says. "Now I’m going to go around the other way and see if I can get there. I don’t even know if anything is open in Glen Arbor."

With power lines down in many locations, residents have been told it will be at least Thursday until power is restored. The sheriff’s department is working to coordinate the road-clearing effort. Until it’s clear, they’re asking the public to stay out of the area.