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President Biden visits northern Michigan cherry farm, talks climate change

Taylor Wizner
President Biden tours a Michigan Cherry Farm.

President Joe Biden took a tour of a northern Michigan cherry orchard Saturday.

At Kings Orchard in Central Lake, Biden met with several Michigan politicians including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow.

But the real reason for the visit was to get some northern Michigan "cherry pie,” Biden joked.

During the tour, Biden spoke with Juliette King McAvoy, the vice president of sales and marketing for Kings Orchard, who told the president how climate change was hurting their business.

They expect to only yield only 15% of their tart cherries and 25% of their sweet cherries this year due to drought and freezing conditions.

“We’d had four crop failures. That is very alarming to us. There’s not many business models that can withstand zero income every four or five years,” she said.

The Kings say the president seemed receptive to those concerns, as well as their wish to create a path to citizenship for their pickers, who have worked on the farm for over 30 years.

Biden spoke with some visitors and left with an armload of cherry pies.