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Bills to expand who can administer opioid antagonist see movement in Legislature

The list of who can administer emergency opioid overdose medication in Michigan could grow.

Bills in Lansing would allow trained employees at places like public schools and libraries to administer the agent commonly called Narcan. It would also allow firefighters and EMTs to administer Narcan, among others.

Bill sponsor, Senator Peter Lucido (R-Shelby Township) is a bill sponsor said this is about saving lives.

“We have fire extinguishers in public buildings for a purpose,” he said. “To put a fire out. This is the same idea.”

Some of the bills in the package were passed in the state Senate Wednesday. The bills also protect trained employees who administer the medication from civil liability if something goes wrong.

“It’s getting to the heart of what an issue is when you have an overdose,” Lucido said. “It’s taking care of the issue before it becomes a death. And if you don’t have the Narcan in hand, you’ll never be able to save that individual.”