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We've Got Issues: High taxes are holding Michigan back, says 101st candidate

David Cassleman

Republican Carolyn Cater spent a dozen years working on ships in the Great Lakes. Cater was once a coal-passer on the S.S. Badger, spending her time shoveling coal into the ship’s boilers.

Cater is now running for Michigan’s 101st state House District seat, which runs from Ludington to Northport.

Cater says she chose to run for office because she wants to see more accountability in state government. She would like to see several state taxes, including the state income tax, reduced or eliminated.

"We're the party that's supposed to be for small government and lower taxes," says Cater. "We're not seeing that in Michigan."

Cater says she will fight to repeal the gasoline tax that was put into place by the state legislature in 2015 to help raise money for road repair. 

"[It's] put us at the highest [tax] in the Midwest and that does affect people in our communities. It affects people like me," she says. "I'd like to help push Michigan forward ... to be more competitive with the states around us."

Cater will face Traverse City broadcaster Jack O'Malley in the Republican primary.