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Outdoors: Here comes the sun

Of the many musical compositions written about April, perhaps the most universally known is “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison of the Beatles.

Apparently, things were not going so well for George back in 1969.

He had undergone surgery, his mother had cancer and he was arrested for drug possession.

Besides, he was becoming impatient with his mates and with the business of the recording industry.

If those things weren’t depressing enough, in England that year, it had “been a long cold lonely winter”

A glorious April sunrise gave George hope and inspired him to write “Here Comes the Sun," a song with simple lyrics but complex rhythms that now gives hope to people all over the world.

Harrison somehow understood that sunlight can decrease depression.

Since then, countless studies have confirmed that sunlight indeed does affect the brain and regulate mood.

Evidence also suggests the sunlight may strengthen the immune system.

For many of us, this has been “a long cold lonely winter,

Here comes the Sun…

It’s all right.”