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All Call Music Festival brings 'discovery' and 'disruption' to Traverse City

Helado Negro
Helado Negro from New York City, will headline the All Call Music Festival in Traverse City. Organizers hope to make the festival an annual event.

Labor Day weekend is coming up and it’s bringing an invasion of music to northern Michigan. The All Call Music Festival launches in a debut that brings some uniquely diverse, contemporary artists to our region. Artists like Helado Negro from New York City, and Kaina from Chicago. The folks behind this new project are Gary and Allison Jonas, local restaurateurs from The Little Fleet and Farm Club who want to bring a world-class event to their own backyard. Joe Beyer writes for the Northern Express, and says it's special to have this brand new festival in our region, as the music is about discovery and disruption.

Kaina, a Chicago-based artist will perform in the All Call Music Festival on September 4th.

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