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Singer Spotlight: Jack M. Senff


On Friday night, the singer songwriter will headline a concert on the Old Mission Peninsula.

Artist Jack M. Senff moved to Traverse City in 2016. Now at age 32, he says he finally feels settled here alongside his wife and visual artist Em Randall. Senff’s latest album, “Low Spirit” came out this summer and he and the members of The Rolling Hill Band will begin an East Coast tour this fall. As a musician, Senff is especially serious about getting his craft right – which means he oversees everything from his own recording and mastering to producing and promoting his own shows. Joe Beyer writes for the Northern Express, and he says Senff is just hitting his stride as a singer songwriter. Tickets and more information for the house concert can be found here.

Credit: Em Randall

Ever since he was young, Dan has been fascinated with radio. From hearing the dulcet tones of John Gordon broadcast Minnesota Twins games, to staying up late listening to radio theater, he was captivated by the imaginative medium.