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In Studio A with Francis Martin and Zoe Kramer

Francis Martin and Zoe Kramer
Kacie Brown/IPR
Francis Martin and Zoe Kramer

Two intermediate piano students performed music of Haydn and R. Schumann and talked Interlochen camp life in IPR's Studio A.

Camp at Interlochen means lots of things: meeting people from all over the world, learning about music and, of course, avoiding getting swimmer's itch.

Two intermediate piano students from Interlochen Arts Camp recently visited Studio A to perform music and talk about how camp is going for them.

Francis Martin is 14 years old and from Philadelphia, PA.

He's enjoyed spending time with his fellow campers who come from many different countries. He has friends in his cabin from places including Peru, Venezuela, Indonesia and Cuba.

Francis performed the "Aufschwung" ("Soaring") movement from Robert Schumann's Fantasiestücke.

He said he enjoys all of the different characters and moods that Schumann creates in the music.

Francis has been playing this piece for awhile and said he plans to retire it after this final performance in Studio A.

At Interlochen Arts Camp, Francis studies with Hamilton Tescarollo.

Zoe Kramer is 13 years old and from Bethesda, MD.

She enjoys swimming every chance she gets at camp and likes the early-morning swims that are also called "polar bears." That's when swimmers are likely to encounter Percy the Polar Bear.

Zoe performed the first movement of the Sonata no. 20 in C minor by Franz Joseph Haydn.

This is one of the first pieces by Haydn that she's learned, and she said she likes how frequently Haydn changes styles and captures a lot of different emotions.

Zoe just learned this piece a few weeks ago, but she said she's satisfied with how she's performed it and is ready to move on to other repertoire.

At Interlochen Arts Camp, Zoe studies with Hyunsoon Whang.

Stefan Wiebe engineered this edition of Studio A.

Thanks to Kate Boyd for additional support.

Dr. Amanda Sewell is IPR's music director.